My Ex Is an Unfit Parent; What Should I Do?

Suppose you are going through a messy divorce (very few divorces are not messy) and your ex, whom you believe to be an unfit parent, wants joint or sole custody of your children? If you are in this challenging, not to mention terrifying, situation, you are in need of an aggressive family lawyer who will fight hard to protect your rights and the rights of your children. Gary R. Swavely, lead attorney of The Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr. has over 25 years of experience in negotiating and litigating child custody cases.

You Need a Strong Child Custody Attorney Who Knows the Pitfalls

Mr. Swavely is well aware that child custody cases are fraught with peril for spouses and children of couples in which one partner is unfit for parenthood. What has to be understood, however, is that an “unfit” parent does not just mean that an individual appears to have an inappropriate background or temperament for rearing a child. He or she must be found to be actually abusive, addicted, or extremely neglectful to be denied custody of his or her own children. Mr. Swavely is familiar with this aspect of child custody cases, too, and so are the Pennsylvania courts.

Accusations of unfitness are all too frequently made in anger or intentionally fabricated to retaliate against cheating or controlling former partners. Sometimes one parent accuses the other of being an unfit parent in order to get more child support, muddy an ex-spouse’s reputation, wreck his or her career, or punish the ex-spouse by denying contact with offspring. Whatever the circumstances, charges of being an unfit parent have to be proven in a court of law.

Gary Swavely Can Keep Your Children from Being Raised by an Unfit Parent

Gary Swavely is the person for the job since he not only keeps current with all child custody statutes in the state of Pennsylvania but has finely developed negotiation and litigation skills. He also has keen insight into family dynamics and the skill to work up a strategy most likely to be effective in persuading the court of the strength of his arguments.

Reasons Your Ex May Be an Unfit Parent

Unfortunately, as we see in media presentations and in our own lives,a great many parents are unfit; tragically, the majority of them often do not recognize their own failings, or worse, disregard or deny them for nefarious reasons. While some parents may overcome obstacles to being a successful parent through intensive therapy and will become a positive force in their children’s lives, others may be unable to because they:

  • Are uncontrollably mentally ill
  • Addicted to substances, gambling, or sex
  • Frequently engage in illegal and/or violent activity
  • Have engaged in domestic, sexual or child abuse
  • Are incapable, mentally or psychologically, of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment
  • Routinely associate with people who may harm a child
  • Speak badly about the other parent in the presence of their children

How is fitness for child custody evaluated?

The court is typically very careful in evaluating parents accused of unfitness, realizing how serious the consequences of its decision may be. Child Protective Services (CPS) or other agencies will investigate:

  • Level of parental involvement in child care
  • Child safety in the accused parent’s care
  • Child’s reaction to the accused parent
  • Parent’s ability to show affection and appropriately discipline the child
  • Child’s own wishes about which parent she or he wants to live with

How a Competent Child Custody Attorney Will Prove Your Accusations

At the Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr., we will persuade the court that your children need protection from their other parent by gathering data that supports your claim, including:

  • Medical reports demonstrating abuse
  • Witness reports by friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, members if the clergy, therapists
  • Police calls reporting child abuse or domestic violence
  • Blood level tests showing drug or alcohol abuse
  • Records of involuntary hospitalizations or arrests
  • Pertinent records from the Department of Social Services (DSS)

Nothing Is More Important Than Choosing the Best Child Custody Attorney

Gary Swavely is a child custody attorney who is adept at separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to protecting your child from harm. His long and fruitful experience fighting for the rights of children to live safely and comfortably in an atmosphere of love and trust has sharpened his skill set. When you contact him, you will feel the relief of putting yourself and your children into capable hands.