Most couples planning to get married in Pennsylvania prefer not to think about the possibility of divorce or separation, but also realize that many marriages do not last. In fact, it is becoming more common for future spouses to consider the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement. In addition, many couples who are already married may need to clarify their rights and responsibilities in the event of a divorce.

The Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr. works with clients in Berks and surrounding counties to negotiate and prepare carefully designed and fair prenuptial and postmarital agreements that will protect the interests of both parties.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement, also called a premarital agreement, enables a couple to decide what will become of marital property and what will remain separate in the event of separation or divorce. In addition to providing financial clarity and reducing the conflict normally associated with a divorce or separation, prenuptial agreements allow the couple to divide the property without intervention by the court.

The Law Office of Gary R. Swavely works with clients to design well thought-out agreements that will identify each party’s property and also plan for the management of joint bank accounts, household bills and credit card payments. In order for the court in Pennsylvania to approve the agreement, it must be fair to both parties and entered into free of coercion.

What Is a Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is entered into after a couple marries and details how the marital property will be divided in the event of a separation or divorce. The benefit of a postnuptial agreement is that it can clarify the rights and responsibilities of each spouse and also specify how the assets and debts will be divided in the event of divorce or death of one or both spouses.

The Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr. helps couples in Berks and surrounding counties plan ahead to resolve disputes in the event the marriage ends. Attorney Swavely can help you determine if a prenuptial or postmarital agreement is right for your situation and will prepare any necessary or desired agreement accordingly. Contact the Reading office today for a consultation at (610) 816-6366 or by filling out a contact form.