Quarantines Lead To COVIDivorce

Being quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many couples to the breaking point. If you are contemplating divorce, you are not alone. The COVID-19 crisis is forcing all of us to carefully consider how we want to live the rest of our lives.

If you have realized you do not wish to remain in your current relationship, Attorney Gary R. Swavely is ready to help you split up and move on post-pandemic.

Facing the Facts

Realizing you have fallen out of love with your spouse is a difficult reality to face. So difficult, in fact, that many couples ignore the warning signs for years. Living in close quarters during a quarantine can force you to face reality.

During the quarantine, you end up spending all your free time with your immediate family. You can’t escape to the office, or meet up with friends to vent. If you get in an argument, there’s no way to cool off away from one another unless you count socially distanced walks around the block. Being in constant contact forces you to face the harsh reality that your relationship has failed.

Financial Strain

An added stressor is the financial strain the coronavirus crisis is causing. Millions of Americans are out of work. Those lucky enough to still have a job are often facing pay cuts, or unrealistic demands from their employers. Financial stress like this pushes many marriages past their breaking point.

Financial disputes are traditionally one of the largest drivers of divorce, so it is little surprise that the financial distress caused by the pandemic is causing more couples to split up.

COVID and the Courts

If the coronavirus has you considering divorce, we urge you to contact our office to speak with Attorney Swavely or another member of our experienced team. COVID-19 is disrupting the court system, just as it is all other aspects of our lives, so working with a firm that knows the ins and outs of Pennsylvania divorce law is critical.

Many cases are being delayed as the courts figure out how to operate safely. It is possible that virtual hearings will be the norm for quite some time. It may take longer than normal to negotiate a separation agreement and get it approved by the courts under these circumstances.

We are also seeing many couples who are fighting about when to file. Incomes are unstable, home values are down, and many small businesses are closing. This can make it challenging to divide up assets, or negotiate fair child support or spousal support agreements. The primary breadwinner could get a windfall if assets are divided up now, but it is risky to make big financial moves in this economic climate.

Physically splitting up has also become a challenge. The housing market has stalled, moving companies are closed, and spending time at the store trying to get all the things you need to set up a new household is a daunting task.

Our firm is doing the best we can to help our clients in the Reading, PA area meet the many challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis. If you need advice about divorcing during the pandemic, we are here for you.