Lancaster County Hit-and-Run School Bus Accident Suspect Charged

Q: Should I accept an insurance settlement offer after an accident?

One of the most common grounds for a personal injury action involves automobile accidents.

Personal injury lawsuits arise when a person or entity causes injury or harm to another person as a result of their negligent, careless, or malicious actions or in actions. If the victim can prove the defendant was liable for the accident, they may be entitled to recover compensatory damages for such things as current and future medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and more, depending on the circumstances of each case.

While all accidents are frightening, trucking accidents are among the most dangerous of roadway disasters. Because of their increased size and weight, tractor-trailers can cause serious injuries and fatalities when involved in accidents with other vehicles. As a result of this reality, the trucking industry, including owners and drivers, is subject to additional specific and strict safety regulations designed to minimize accidents.

So, when a recent Lancaster County hit-and-run school bus accident involving a car, a big rig, its escort vehicle, and a school bus full of children happened, the whole community felt the impact.

Reportedly, a hit-and-run male driver with a suspended license was attempting to pass a pair of tractor trailers and their escort vehicle but hit the escort vehicle when trying to avoid the oncoming school bus. “The escort vehicle then crashed into the bus, which struck a tractor trailer and tipped over”.  Fifteen students, the bus driver, and the escort vehicle driver were sent to the hospital. Among the victims was a first-grade boy who was critically injured.

Post-accident investigations are important in establishing liability and determining whether the grounds for a lawsuit exist. It is always in a victim’s best interest to seek legal counsel before accepting any insurance company’s settlement offer. That’s because insurance companies are in the business of offering modest and fast settlement offers in the hopes of avoiding higher payments if a lawyer who can calculate the true value of the claim becomes involved. A skilled personal injury attorney can level the playing field and help maximize the compensation a victim might receive for their suffering.

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