Couple Records Co-Parenting Podcast After Messy Divorce

Their divorce involved alleged death threats, led to the downfall of a Congressman, and caused a media frenzy. Now, Pennsylvania doctors Shannon Edwards and Jesse Sally are recording a podcast on the challenges of co-parenting after a divorce and airing even more of their dirty laundry. It’s an interesting idea, and an important topic, but we probably won’t be tuning in.

The Backstory

Those of us here in the Reading area have probably never run into doctors Shannon Edwards and Jesse Sally, but chances are most of us know a little bit about their divorce.

Back in 2017, it was revealed that Edwards was having an affair with then-Congressman Tim Murphy. Edwards claimed the affair began after the marriage was fundamentally broken, but Sally argued it caused the breakup. When Murphy was deposed, and his electronic communications with Edwards disclosed, it was revealed that the ardently pro-life policymaker had suggested Edwards consider getting an abortion. Murphy ended up resigning in shame.

But the media frenzy didn’t stop there. In 2018, Edwards announced she was running for Congress. Days later, the media reported that in 2016 Sally had accused Edwards of drunkenly attacking him and threatening to kill him. He was granted a temporary protection-from-abuse order.

The Co-Parenting Podcast

If all you knew about Edwards and Sally were the salacious details of their divorce, you might assume co-parenting their young daughter would be nearly impossible. However, the former couple has been so successful in this task by their own estimation that they have decided to record and release a podcast on their effort.

On the “You Mad, Bro?” website, the describe their effort and motivation as follows:

“Parenting is hard, co-parenting with an ex is even harder, and co-parenting with someone after a messy divorce may seem impossible! Drs. Edwards and Sally are here to lighten the mood, dispel some rumors, and not really use their graduate degrees at all to help you navigate the muddy co-parenting waters. Throw your “What to Expect…” manuals from others out the window and join them in discussing the tough stuff parents think…and no one wants to say out loud.”

Are You Tuning In?

There are many, many aspects of co-parenting that are not spoken of in polite company. Perhaps they should be, and this podcast is a step in that direction. However, we caution anyone looking for the solution to their custody or co-parenting issues to be cautious about whose advice they take.

Each divorce, custody agreement, and co-parenting arrangement is different. It’s important to ensure that the advice you take from outsiders does not put you in violation of your specific legal obligations. It’s equally important to appreciate that what works for one family, may not work for yours. You should judge your success by your own metrics, and not compare yourself to others.

If you are struggling to comply with your existing child custody agreement or co-parenting plan, or are dissatisfied with it, we may be able to help. The experienced team at the Law Office of Gary R. Swavely, Jr. regularly assists parents in the Reading area who are ready to divorce or are interested in modifying their post-divorce agreements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.