Can couples continue in business relationships after getting divorced?

It wasn’t just an announcement that Reading Pennsylvania divorce attorneys noticed– it was the divorce heard ‘round the world. 
When the news broke that arguably the richest man in the world was getting divorced, people couldn’t help but speculate how the division of marital property would be handled in such a high-profile divorce case. 

The founder and CEO of Amazon, worth an estimated $137 billion, is reportedly divorcing his wife of 25 years and is in a serious relationship with another woman. Despite that, his wife and first Amazon employee– whose has been by his side building Amazon from the ground up– has reportedly issued a statement on social media that the divorce will be amicable and that they intend to remain involved as “parents, friends, partners in ventures and projects, and as individuals pursuing ventures and adventures.” The couple has four children and reportedly did not have a prenuptial agreement

Generally, a couple’s marital assets will be divided in accordance with their wishes or if they could not agree then in accordance with the community property laws of the state where they get divorced. Gossipers speculate she should take him for half of it all. But would that be practical or even possible—and would it destroy Amazon?

This high-profile divorce is unlike any other in terms of the magnitude of wealth at stake. It may also be unique if the couple– whose business and personal lives are intertwined– can remain civilized, business partners. Some experts speculate that it may be in their best financial interest to continue in business together rather than face the time and expense of forensic accountings, a buy-out, and a drawn-out public divorce that could potentially damage the value of the company. The divorce could not only impact the couple, but could potentially affect Amazon shareholders.

Whether you are billionaires or just regular folks, getting divorced is an emotional time of turmoil in your life. 

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